Peru- Amazon rainforest

In science plants, Uncategorized on July 17, 2011 at 5:47 pm

What did I bring back from the Amazon? Well, an increased tolerance for high humidity and mosquitoes, and a feeling of peace, which I hope sticks around for a while. As for plants, I expected to see lots of bromeliads (pictured), which were in abundance. I was surprised at how many different ferns that I saw. The giant tree fern is especially hard to miss. Pictured here you can see 3 new giant “fiddle heads”, or new leaves unfurling. I also saw climbing ferns, many of which were simple leaved, not like the usual pinnate leaves of typical ferns. There were “bird’s nest ferns” (pictured) which we grow in North America as house-plants and ferns that resembled our maiden hair ferns. © 2011 Sharon Settlage.  All rights reserved.


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