Microscopic View of Developing Flower

In microscopy, science plants on September 12, 2010 at 11:24 pm

dissection of a radish flower

A radish flower dissection is shown left. The stamen are the pollen carrying organs. On the radish flower shown, the stamen are the two yellow objects on either side of the sticky female pistil.

The picture below is a light microscopic image taken at 100x of the very tip-top of the stem on a flowering tobacco plant. You can see the young petals surrounding the developing stamen. The dark red staining is from an antibody to a transcription factor involved in plant growth.© 2011 Sharon Settlage.  All rights reserved.

Light Micrograph of developing tobacco flower, by S. Settlage. Please click the image to see enlarged view!
Learn more about flowers and pollen.

scanning electron microscope view of pollen grains


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